Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hey, I'm on Instagram!

Yep, it's true. I am on Instagram. I figure I'd just go ahead and get this post out of the way off the bat. I first heard of Instagram from a blog post about two years ago. I didn't really understand it, and didn't take the time to figure it out. I didn't realize at first that I was posting pictures into cyber space. I didn't realize I had followers. It wasn't until last Christmas when I was waiting at Lowe's with my best friend for a table saw for my dad from my brother, that all of this became clear. 

Since then, I've seen blog posts over and over. then again.and once more. I have joined the throngs. I have succumbed. I have figured out I can 'like' pictures and post at a moment's notice, and I have also noticed that the Instagram filters are not flattering for my skin. Perhaps I'll break down even further and buy the Hipstamatic App. (I just said 'app') Oh dear God. 

Here are my 'Instagram's Greatest Hits - The Beginning':

Have a wonderful day! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the Details...

Hello, and thank you for visiting my new, fresh blog! 

Last year, December 16th, to be exact, we bought a house to make our own. It's where my kids will grow up, where we'll hold our memories close and keep cozy and warm through the years to come. It's our place, and it's my husband's and sons'. We are proud of it, and we love to share it. Projects here are special because time alludes us, and money does too. We make do and we make it our own. 
Today is all about the details of our home. Until recently, these details were not there. They emerged from the "big picture" of all the toil, sweat and rearranging.  Finally, we can look back at the furniture moving, painting, repairing ,replacing and exhaustion that our first year here had in store. Did I mention I had a baby in August?! I love this post because all these little corners of the rooms and nuances of the light and shadows are what is defining our space. It is almost a jumping off point to the real fun. Here we go!

Nate Berkus Ginger Jars. 

Two pictures in one. Our new living room carpet from IKEA and me. The second is Nate's bedding.  Serendipity, baby. 
A view in our laundry room. These letters were in the bathroom, but they found a new and better home.
The letters are from Hobby Lobby @ 0.99 each. I spray painted them silver. 

A new paper garland from Cocoon near Chicago.  I may try to make one like this.  It's simply pretty. 

Home made pillows, IKEA pillow and a handmade blanket for Gil. It's on our new  (to us) chaise in the family room. We have finally filled that void in the room. 3,000 to go. 
My little green onion farm in the kitchen window. 
Lamp shade detail in Gil's room. 
Anthropologie letter in Nate's room. Gil's room.  ha! 
Target curtains flanking the shower entrance. (free from my sister in law via  mother) 
A little close up.

Have a wonderful day!